Seattle Elementals Series

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Genre: Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Action/Adventure
Audience: General Adult

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Rock smashes ice.

Fire melts rock.

Water quenches fire.

Ice freezes water.

—The elemental demon version of rock, paper, scissors.

Parke Worth:
Murders, unexplained fires, Industrial espionage and walking myths meant my first days as Chancellor of everything paranormal were packed and stressful.

Cassie King-Worth:
A rushed marriage, a forced trip back to an Alabama law school and the wakening of a terrible race long thought dead meant my first days as a married elemental demon were full and terrifying.

Tossing in the werewolf Grand Master, the General for the Earth Sprite King and murderous family members means I have the makings of a new, Mystic War on my hands.

Now, to convince my Chancellor husband that something needs to be done…

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I should be dead.

All the fire demons who were betrayed and sacrificed before me had certainly died. Will, the wizard who attempted to destroy me, said it was the only way to kill the enemy known as Black Myth.

Of all the fire demons led unknowingly to their deaths, how had I survived—and why?

—Cassie King-Worth