Anyone who thinks an author can produce a quality product on her own is sadly mistaken. It takes a collaborative effort by many people to maintain high production standards. I am very fortunate to have an excellent team moving me forward.

If it weren't for the support of my editor, my cover artist and my beta readers, my work would be less than it is.

Beta Readers

Beta readers are the last phase of the pre-publishing process. They find errors everyone else misses, and with a diverse set of individuals, provide invaluable feedback about plot lines, scenes and characters. We're usually pushing a deadline by the time a book reaches the beta readers, and they never fail to provide their input in a very timely fashion. Thank you to my team of volunteers!

Larry O., Dianne J., Lee D., Sarah H. Mark S., Denise W. and Brett H.

Lissa's Council

Once a book is released, it gets its initial send off with some form of advertising. I find that a strong fan base and word of mouth carry a huge amount of influence. It helps to have a diverse and active group of people who have a wide following on their Facebook page, blog, website, Twitter, Instagram, etc. These folks make sure news gets out about the books! They provide banners, enter covers in cover contests, and a myriad of similar things to keep my books in front of potential new readers. I wouldn't be nearly as successful without these wonderful people:

Current Council Members: Teresa C., Abigail C., Shel W., Debra S., Renée C. and Deb C.

The Fans

Fans are the lifeblood of a successful author, and I'm no different! You are my inspiration. I check in at the fan sites now and then just to read what you're saying about the books. Lots of wonderful interaction and I appreciate everyone who contributes.
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Renée Barratt

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Ali Ries

Fan Art