Welcome to the SubtleDemon universe.

Prepare yourself for a journey to unknown worlds, filled with vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, wizards, witches, warlocks, demons, Larentii and other races too numerous to mention.

This website contains but a brief glimpse into the Larentii Archives, where records of all races, all histories and all worlds are held. If you wish to obtain further insight, you must be invited by a Larentii, and, by design, those invitations are seldom issued to humans.


New Releases

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Storm Warning

The Lotus, Book Two

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The mastermind behind the worldwide hackings was a dragon.

But not just any dragon.


His name was Lóng Lingyun, older brother to Lóng Hàoyŭ and Lóng Chenguang, and the only one of those three who could turn to dragon.

I also had the names of his parents—both of whom had died in the recent eruption of Mount Paektu.

Lóng Guk, a natural-born dragon, and his once-human wife, Jing Fei, had perished at the hands of a Soul Witch-turned-Dragon-Queen.

It wouldn't only be Kang Dong-hyung who was pissed at being accused of masterminding the worldwide hackings. Lóng Lingyun, who'd planned the whole thing because he had designs on controlling both the human world and the Dragon Throne, would be furious when someone else was given credit for his work.

Kang Dong-hyung is still free and causing trouble—and has unexpectedly allied with something other than human to achieve his goals. Will Rae-Rae and her allies be able to defeat magic?

Only time—or the stopping of it—will tell…

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The Seer, Book One

Now Available

An unexpected death.

An attempt to replace what was lost.

An incident involving the wrong person, in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

"So, what have you not told me?"

"That after you received the experimental drugs, you became ah, something other than human."

"What? What the hell are you saying?"

"…you have become a daywalker."

Skyler understood something quickly. Daywalkers existed due to extensive scientific research, and the drug cocktail used to create the original daywalkers from nightwalkers was so heavily guarded and controlled that precious few daywalkers existed. Nearly all of them worked for governments worldwide in some form of security or law enforcement.

Skyler's future had been mapped out for him, in the worst of coincidences…